Bad Habits started out as one of the most genuine expressions of rock & roll and ended up being the definition of it! Classic rock nostalgia, punk explosions, and modern references, in a perfect balance between the alt '00s and the raw rock power of the '70s, is the recipe for one of the most high-energy acts you will catch live nowadays, which explains why they are on a steady upward trajectory in the two years of their existence.

Capturing the essence of diverse rock influences, from the hyper-energetic The Stooges to the trashy-glam of the New York Dolls and the songwriting mastermind of The Replacements, the group, established in late 2020, took to the studio to show off their full potential and distinctive sound.

It wasn't long before gained serious traction in the alternative music scene, with their first singles being selected for two editorial Spotify playlists, which led them to their first national tour and electrifying sold-out shows, highlighting their aptly-named “Rock & Roll extravaganza” gigs as their greatest strength.

Rooted in uncompromising authenticity, Bad Habits serve as a beacon for relatable self-expression and the obliteration of senseless stereotyping with their sharp Rock & Roll edge. Currently, in the studio recording their ambitious and long-awaited debut album, the band is ready to be catapulted to a whole new level in the following year.